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We would like to clear a few things up as there is a bit of confusion around our plans moving forward.

  • We are still collecting recycling.
  • We did not move forward with the county facility’s offer as there were unfortunately no cost savings and instead added expenses. It would have increased costs to take it to the landfill.
  • We made the decision to stop taking municipalities as we have nowhere to process the material. The added tonnage would create more loads and as a result, we would have to haul it out of the area.
  • We still have no choice but to haul all materials collected out of county as there is no local processing facility.

Our primary focus as of right now is to get the MRF rebuilt and eliminate the unfortunate cost increases we are incurring. We sincerely thank our customers and the community for your support during this time and apologize for any confusion.

Split Body Automatic Side Loading Truck

This is a Split Body Automatic Side Loading Truck. We can dump both trash and recycling product into the same truck and a diverter will eliminate any cross-contamination between recycling and trash.

China’s Changing Policies on Imported Recyclables

Dear friends,
First, we would like to thank you for choosing Taylor Garbage for your waste and recycling needs. As a family owned, local company, we do our best to provide the utmost quality in all that we do including the service that we provide to your residence.

Second, we are very sorry to announce that effective today, April 20, 2018, we will no longer be able to take certain items as recycled goods. We encourage you to read the enclosed article which gives a good overview of the state of the recycling industry globally, which is the reason why we must change our policies on what recycled products we are able to take. Please refer to the list below to educate yourself on what we are no longer able to take with your recycling.

Non-Recyclable Items:
Styrofoam, plastic bags, plastic bags full of bags, sneakers and shoes, bowling balls, basketballs, footballs, wicker baskets, VCR tapes, CDs, pocket books, leaves and brush, pillows and bed sheets, plywood, shingles, pool covers, blue tarps, garden hoses, bricks, blocks and chunks of concrete, household batteries, pots and pans with food still in them, unopened canned goods, spray paint cans with paint still in them, ceramics and pottery, cookware, dishes, coffee cups, drinking glasses, window and plate glass, mirrors, plastic base to a basketball hoop with the sand still in it, plastic rope and twine, plastic banding, dirty diapers, planter pots with the dirt still in them, cardboard boxes with the styrofoam and bubble wrap still in them, carpet and linoleum, dog chains and cables.

On behalf of Taylor Garbage, we appreciate your business and thank you in advance for your understanding. We truly value you as a customer and hope to continue serving your waste and recycling needs for many years to come.

China’s Changing Policies

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